Eastern Europe Springtour 2012 – Impressions

the tour is over now since almost a month. Everyone of us is still concern with understanding what happened in this two weeks in eastern europe.

9 people – 9 different countries – 15 shows. From the highest peak until the deepest point. This was a tour of contrasts. We are so happy that we had not only the opportunity to visit this huge amount of cities and greeeat people but also the feeling to get five more friends in life. At this point – a biiiig thanks to Reason to care, who never stop looking forward <3

We want to thank fluffwheels as well, who gave us one of the best bus ever! And thanks to all the promoters who set up a show for us, thanks to all the people, who came to our shows, thanks to everyone, who gave us a meal on tour and thanks to everyone who tried to make this tour possible!

We are so absolutly overwhelmed about this tour and we are really sure to come back again!

We hope that some photographies can make an imagination of this what happened. More photos will definatly follow!

…and stay tuned for a tourvideo in the next time :)


Rico + Louis + Felix + Richard